"The future of any country begins with its youth who needs to be not only physically fit but mentally as well .My definition of depression is quite different from the scientific one. I believe that  it is a 'juggling between heart and mind when you really can't understand which one to listen'. I believe that  the major reason of depression among the teen is the academic pressure. At  the teenager stage the child is so burdened with the expectations from all around that he/ she can't really understand whether to follow what they dream of or to become what the society expects him/her to become just to see everybody happy and proud. I think when the whole world is happy with what you're doing but you're not then there's no point  even if you become successful .When I started this project it was just a mere project, but now it’s a vision. A vision to reach every heart who is in need of it; a vision to become a voice of passion. My vision is to empower this generation and the upcoming generation to believe in their dreams, to believe its okay to be a failure because sometimes failure teaches you your best lessons of life which success doesn’t. If you believe that your passion can change the world and can  make it a better place to live…. Go ahead and follow your dreams.

My project's intention is not to promote any particular stream or subject, or hurt anyone's intention but to make people realize that  doing something with passion is as  equally important as earning a money for a luxurious and a comfortable life.

It's not mine,it's not yours but it is ours Beyond The Bounds"


Ms. Vidhi Yadav